Hard Times Of Covid 19

The year 2020 was a year of great expectation.Many dreamt that this year will be a terribly developed year in technology, economy, business, education etc,etc.Many dreamt of creating mansion in the moon,few dreamt of settling in space securely inside the special satellite in space. Man ran and ran in the race to make all his dreams come into reality. The wheels in the journey were revolving faster and fast. Alas!!!! There came a day.Everything , everybody’s dream,life, reality ,all in all was locked down.The wheels had a sudden break.Oh..The dust like Corona,which we cannot even see stopped the running wheels.Human being could not even imagine ,what was happening in life.Every thing was  like  mystery, illusion!!!!

Every thing was closed.Schools were closed too.But we can’t let the children go away with out education.So the online classes were introduced.Mobiles were given in the hands of children right from 3years to……

    SEAPHS also started the online teaching classes from April 2020.Initially it was  a great challenge for both teachers and students as well as to parents to adopt to this online teaching.But very soon we were able to adopt to the new situation. We gave the best online coaching to the students.We were able to celebrate and observe all the special days and special occasions virtually.Students were provided with  ample opportunities to exhibit their skills. The talents of the students were uploaded in the facebook and you tube.We conducted even few competitions virtually.

Karnataka government was able to successfully conduct SSLC Examination physically for the year 2019-20.. Our school being the center ,we arranged everything in a unique way and received appreciation certificate from BEO.And the SSLC  result for the year 2019 -2020 was amazing  with 620 out of 625 secured by Prajwal.We congratulate Prajwal for his great achievement.

    From January 4th 2021,we have commenced the offline classes for  students from class 6 to 10th. Before commencing the classes covid test for teachers and students were arranged in school.School building was sanitized.All the SOP were followed.Students are happily attending the classes . The promotional exams for the year 2020-21 is  scheduled from April 15th and the academic year2021-2022 will commence from July 5th.