Unique Features of SEA Primary and Higher Secondary School

*Good teaching.
*Periodical formative and summative assessments
*Action Plan
*Periodic meeting with parents
*Orientation programs for parents
*Intra and inter mural Sports
* Inter class and school competitions
*Competitions to parents
*Celebration of national and religious festivals
* Observation of all important days in the calendar
*Convocation (graduation day) to UKG  kids
* Grand farewell to class 10 students
* Celebration of sports day
* Celebration of annual day

Life skills & Events

Mr Basavaraj Shankar Umarani, International Awardee,known as Human Computer ,born blind but can tell tables of any number up to crore,can mentally solve any sums and give answer faster than the computer visited our school and inspired our students with his wisdom.
Constitution day
Business Baazar
Rajyotsav Celebration