Shri A Krishnappa Founder, Chairman.

  • K  Keen in Determination
  • R  Resourceful
  • I  Intelligent
  • S  Sports Man
  • H  Highly Honored
  • N  Notable and Novel
  • A  Admirable
  • P  Powerful
  • P  Philanthropist
  • A  Aesthetic

It is the founder Chairman Shri A Krishnappa, Keen in determination of establishing an educational institution and his Resourcefulness and Intelligent gave rise to the SEA Group of Institution in the year 2001.He being a Sportsman himself gave much importance to Sports by providing the best infrastructure to Sports like developing badminton courts, basketball court, Indoor Stadium, multipurpose auditorium etc. He is a highly honored person in the society and Notable Nobel personality in politics who was continuously elected as a Minister and served in the Government of Karnataka for more than twenty years enjoying different portfolios. He is a very admirable person with Powerful commands. His simple way is that he will make everyone obey his order. SEA Primary and Higher Secondary School is a testimony to prove that he was a philanthropist, where the fees less facility and quality of education are in par with International Schools. The Gardens and the Greens in the campus will prove that he was a Aesthetic. A single man with multi qualities established this institution through which thousands of students are receiving quality education. Thanks and honor to this great personality our beloved Chairman Shri A KRISHNAPPA through this magazine S.E.A Primary and Higher Secondary School 2022.