ATL-ATAL Innovation Mission/ ATAL tinkering Lab

ATL is a workshop with kids with their wonderful ideas to do projects with machines, tools and equipment. ATL is currently available in 202 schools with mentors.

This program was set up by NITI Aayog in the year 2016.In total there are 8706 laboratories all over India. The purpose of these labs was to provide activity based learning. In the identified schools across the country where young minds can give shape to their ideas for societal problems. ATL also have collaborated with companies like Dell, ISRO, and Business Sweden etc. In Labs we use STEM method of learning i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Our Institution is also one of the associate of ATL-ATAL Innovation Mission/ATAL tinkering Lab.

Our Institution have exclusive laboratory which was set up and Inaugurated during October-2019 by our respected dignitaries.

  • Prof. V N Rao (Director of SEA Group of Institution)
  • Smt Poornima (CEO) MLA Hiriyur
  • Sri Srinivasa (Secretary)
  • Smt Asha (Principal)

Since then our students with enthusiasm are attending the classes, and also Most of our students are participating in Events and competitions organized by ATAL.